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Sunday, May 17, 2015
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Sunday, September 16, 2012
Magic Converter

Everyday we want to convert something to something.. and that nearly happen on a daily based.. may be you've faced an argument with a friend that he is sure that ounce is equal 2 grams and you are sure it's not.. the solution is always to search for it on the internet.. or have a ready made solution for you .. the problem is if you have an application for that it's always hard to use and have nothing that make you know which measure is which..
That's why we built for you the amazing "Magic Converter"
Magic Converter is an iphone app that you should have on your device now.. it's all you need to know the calculation of different masses and lengths ..
the more you use it the more you got satisfied of it .. it may have a stunning look but in its core there's a huge factory that can convert any measure to any measure in one click.
it's great and it's FREE.
it have the feature of 5 languages and it can be switched any time
it have the feature of removing the annoying ads
it have the feature of getting the measure of three main categories in measurements (Length - weight - Temperature)..

download From Here
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Saturday, July 09, 2011
The Sound Of Nature Is In Your Hand Now

The Sound Of Nature

The Sound Of Nature Is a really attractive application with great interface and good functionality it have 32 sound from the nature can keep you there like if you are on beach hearing the crack of fire and the sound of crickets short it's all you need to be in another places in other word it's all you need to make you relax in a noisy place ..
the great thing is that you can control every thing in it the volume of the sound the mix .. even what ear do you want to hear a specific sound ..

it have 6 famous good sound for free and the rest divided on two packages for in-app purchase .. you'll love the interface but what you'll love the most is that you can work on other apps while this app on the background.

also you can notice that the application is having 5 language localization which help the none english speaker .. it's one of the rare Middle eastern apps the concern about localization at all .. it's available with english , spanish , german , frensh and arabic ..

The Dark Dimension wishes to satisfy it's user and waiting for their feedback always ..and it'll be a pleasure to make any application you are dreaming of.

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Monday, October 04, 2010
The Dark Dimension
تم بحمد الله أخيرا إفتتاح موقعي الأول المسمى
The Dark Dimension
الموقع مخصص لكتابة و ترجمة القصص المثيرة سريعة الأحداث و غالبا ما سأقوم بترجمة قصص عربية للإنجليزية لنشرها لأكبر كم ممكن من القراء.
الموقع لا يزال في بدايته
أول قصة كانت قصة العشرون دقيقة الأخيرة..للكاتب المرعب تامر ابراهيم..و تباعا سأقوم بترجمة و كتابة قصصه أو قصص أخرى
الموقع يتيح للقراء أن يكتبوا قصصهم الخاصة و إنتظار نشرها ومع إمكانية تحويلهم لكتاب في المستقبل

أرجوا أن ينجح الموقع من كل قلبي ﻷنه عمل 3 أشهر من أسوأ ما مر بي :)

في إنتظار اراءكم
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Monday, September 21, 2009
يوم الويب العالمي


I<3 the web

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Sunday, May 10, 2009
Our Day
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Sunday, February 01, 2009
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قد تجدون هذه البتاعة ..عبارة عن بتاعة و قد تجدونها ملهى ليلي أو حائط مبكى ..المهم أن فيها الكثير فإن لم تجدوا فيها شيئاً فستجد فيكم هي شيئاً
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